We love Sicily

We at SicilyBookshop.com love Sicily. We love Sicily not only because of her beaches and the sunny afternoons: there are lots and lots more of reasons. History, monuments, museums, art, people. And gorgeous food, terrific wines, beautiful women, astonishing little towns, relaxing hotels and resorts in the middle of Mediterranean sea and sun.
That's why we decided, in partnership with Amazon.com and with Ibs.it, to open a Sicily specialized Bookshop. We try to offer also the scent of the landscapes and the hints of one of the most ancient European culture.
Not only books.
To help you too to love Sicily.

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Thousand of books: Sicily has always inspired poets and novelists, painters and philosophers. But we don't sell only Goethe's and Stendhal's. Enter the first, greatest and possibly unique bookshop entirely dedicated to Sicily.